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HLCC®’s programs bundle the products proven to work synergistically together; to effectively promote healthier, fuller, thicker looking hair. HLCC® products use advanced technology to help address the appearance of the head of hair; and scalp & hair health.  HLCC® Scripts program packages provide significant discounts compared to purchasing products individualy, and significantly strengthen results for clients suffering from thinning hair.

HLCC®’s programs bundle unique products proven to work best, when combined synergistically with the most advanced, low level light technology for maximum effectiveness.

HLCC® Scripts program packages provide significant discounts, compared to purchasing products individually, and significantly enhance and strength results from those suffering from thinning hair.

HLCC®’s superior product programs can be purchased in 3-month, 6-month and 1-year supplies

A program can be designed for your specific need after completing a consultation.

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Through a thorough consultation and examination we can determine which products will work best for your hair loss needs. HLCC® Scripts provides a wide range of products that include, shampoos, conditioners, scalp treatments and supplements.

Aveda provides a plant based alternative for hair loss. There are two different systems designed with men's and women's specific needs. Aveda provides a range of shampoos, conditioner, and scalp treatments.

Also available are hand held low level light lasers.

We have a variety of options that can be purchased with a program that will work for your lifestyle.

In some cases, thinning hair in men may need to be handled differently than thinning hair in women. We understand the subtle differences that allow us to better help men and women with thinning hair most effectively. Pricing of a program can only be determined after a consultation to identify your specific needs.

HLCC® works with the most innovative Industry Experts (physicians), researchers, business partners and entrepreneurs, using the feedback of our worldwide affiliates to guide in the development of HLCC®’s ANti-Aging and Hair Care products, programs and devices.

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